Indian IT employees coming back to office voluntarily?

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bimal Discussion started by bimal 2 years ago
A growing number of employees in IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies are reported to be returning to the office voluntarily across all cities
As the lines between work and personal become blurrier, employees are more likely to return to the office. Plus, they get to work face-to-face and pick up on nonverbal cues they couldn't get elsewhere. Also, zoom fatigue may also be making them go back to work.

May be we all love to gossip over tea/coffee, workplace banter, and fun moments with our coworkers, right?

It is noteworthy that these changes are occurring despite the fact that many of these companies have not yet enacted back-to-office policies and over 90% of employees in the IT industry continue to work remotely.

? The number of project huddles and team-building programmes at Infosys is on the rise as more employees are spending one or two days per week at the office.

? HCL Technologies continues to grow, and the number of unique employees visiting the office has jumped to nearly 50%.

 ? Tata Consultancy Services plans to reach 20% attendance in its corporate office by June and reported in its Q4 results announcement that 50,000 senior employees would be attending office three days a week starting in April.

 ? Wipro has been returning vaccinated employees to work on campus three times a week since April, but the company will continue to use hybrid work as its primary working model.

? While Tech Mahindra is seeing more employees return to the office, it intends to continue its philosophy of promoting wellness before business.

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