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varun posted a new discussion2 years ago

Here's how to answer "Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

There are a lot of interview questions job applicants prepare for, but the obvious ones usually get the least attention. Well, you came prepared to...

Career, Investments and Money
lalit and 757 others have joined the group Career, Investments and Money 2 years ago
taneja posted a new discussion2 years ago

How to negotiate salary without losing the job offer?

I always am worried when negotiating salary. After weeks of interviewing process, tests and HR scree ns I am offered a job and I am usually nervous...

Career, Investments and Money
bimal posted a new discussion2 years ago

Indian IT employees coming back to office voluntarily?

A growing number of employees in IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies are reported to be returning to the office voluntarily...

Career, Investments and Money
amol posted a new discussion2 years ago

Startup Layoffs: Tech talent dump startups for jobs in IT...

With the startup ecosystem experiencing mass layoffs, salary adjustments, and an economic downturn, many are now choosing to work for IT firms...

Career, Investments and Money
Janani posted a new discussion2 years ago

How to get health insurance for parents in India?

Illnesses are more complicated now than they've ever been What do you do when your parents don't have health insurance? We all have questions about...

Career, Investments and Money
Jignesh posted a new discussion2 years ago

Starts-up layoffs have started in 2022 ? Should I be...

As startups fire staff left, right and center, how can some of us protect ourselves from these conditions as best we can? I work for a startup that...

Career, Investments and Money
Chetan posted a new discussion2 years ago

Is Solana going to zero? Here's my take

2021 was undeniably the year of Solana. And there are people who have made fortunes. It literally went 100x Shocking even the most hardcore...

Career, Investments and Money
divya posted a new discussion2 years ago

Success is more dependent on luck than hard work according...

The most talented individuals are rarely the most successful. In general, mediocre-but-lucky people are much more successful than those who are more...

Career, Investments and Money

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