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lalit Discussion started by lalit 2 years ago
Just graduated? A good resume can help you land the job you want, and here are some mistakes you should avoid in this important document, according to experts.
  1.  Avoid a complex, busy resume format. Use a single column and a font that's easy to read. Keep it simple.
  2.  You should avoid overburdening the resume with irrelevant information and details that don't highlight your soft skills.
  3.  Write job descriptions using verbs such as “I built” or “I created” instead of “I’m responsible for” at the beginning of each sentence. Ensure that you highlight transferable skills from other fields and resist the urge to underplay your non-job experiences and ensure you highlight transferable skills from other fields.
  4. Create an email address with your first and last name instead of an unprofessional one.
  5. Double-check your resume for grammatical and spelling errors.

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