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Mani Discussion started by Mani 7 years ago
I am a Permenant resident and had to travel to India along with my son due to emergency.
My son's passport will be expiring in May 2017 which is less than 6 months from our return date 17-Jan-2017.

Will that be a problem to travel back to Australia?

Has anyone travelled with passport validity less than 6 months? If so can you please let me know what should be done?

Please note that my son is due to get Australian citizenship in March, hence we didn't think of renewing his Indian passport earlier.

I would be very grateful for your suggestions
Adittya No problems.. you can travel.. go ahead. I just came back when I have less than 6 months. 7 years ago
donimalai@gmail.com Hi Mani,Aditya, I am travelling to Australia in Dec last week 2017 and Son's passport is expiring in June 2018 which will be less than 6 months... Show more 6 years ago

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